2002 Bobst Champlain Lemanic 67-F

On sale Bobst Champlain Lemanic 67-F rotogravure printing machine produced in 2002, that can be tested into production, located in Europe.

The press has, 5 printing units for face printing, 1 printing unit for face and back printing
1 printing unit for face and back printing suitable to printing varnish on the back and 1 varnishing unit.

This Bobst Champlain has a web speed with inline rotary die-cutter up to 250m/min and a web width for inline rotary die-cutting 325 to 670 mm for a range of cardboarda from 180 to 500 g/sqm.

Other working dimensions of this roto press that we can mention are pass roller diameter of 175 mm, maximum reel diameter of 185 cm, feed-up range from 40 to 80 cm, maximum printing width of 66 cm and a production speed of 250meters per minute.

Other devices on this machine: 1 unwinder UPDZ-185 for automatic reel splicing at 0 speed, 2 unwind stations, 2 strongly dimensioned pillars, 1 festoon unit, 1 web pulling device, 2 splicing devices, 1 automatic butt splicing cycle with oblique cut, 1 automatic web guiding system GLB, Rotary die-cutter DR 67 and delivery, Bobst Registron register control system.