2011 Horizon BQ-270C single-clamp perfect binder

On sale a Horizon BQ-270C single-clamp perfect binder, the production year is 2011, that can be tested into production, located in Europe.

The Horizon BQ-270C single-clamp perfect binder is designed for single-person production with a maximum speed of 500 books per hour, and has a counter with only 127.000 books processed.

The machine has the minimum book format at 105 x 148 mm and the maximum book size max 320x 320mm.

The Horizon BQ 270 on sale has a touch screen control console and a digital caliper that measures book thickness, book thickness can be between 1-50 mm, and automatically transfers the settings to the binder for automated changeover.

The automated set up process allows single-edition POD book production.