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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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So, we have talked a lot about these printing machines or presses or different equipments from all over the world. Well now the time has come to mention a really big name on the market, one of the most known for many years by now. Bobst, because it is about them, took what is Switzerland best known for – the watch precision – and put it in the printing equipments that they are producing.

The company was founded in 1890 and over the years it has consolidate its position in the clients preferences top being one of the best producers at that time. Fortunately, this actually is the situation even today, the Bobst machine being most solicited, next to Heidelberg or Muller Martini.

If we are looking in their product range maybe we will be amazed by the multitude of areas that they cover. They are know in the printing domain (rotogravure printing and also the well known by now flexo printing), in the laminating and coating systems (which includes vacuum coating, the lamination of the printed materials, the litho-lamination, and the extrusion coating and laminating) and also in the converting area (the process of die-cutting, the carton web feed converting and so on).

They also manage to have in mind a project based on the maintenance of their products, so that their customers to return more than glad to those who really know what this business is about. Their products are intended for the professional use, but also to the individual one too. You do not have to be an entrepreneur or to have a lot of experience in this domain to benefit from their quality products. You may as well take the advantages even if you want just a single type of equipment.

They managed to make a real revolution regarding the printing area and not only. The maintenance services are one of the best, and their settings optimisation programme is clearly making sense when we talk about such a big company as Bobst.

These specialist are commonly known by its gravury presses. The so called rotogravure printing is a domain in which they can really be putt in top. Their products mean minimal waste of material, high speed gravure printing, decorative printing, and a lot more advantages than that.

Even in the flexograpfhy domain they can be mentioned as being one of the best company on the market, being included in their offer a large area of machines, equipments and accessories that can leave you speechless without a doubt.

In an industry that has big names written all over it we could not put aside the industrial and professional equipment produced by the swiss from the Bobst factories. They are extended all over the world, having a lot of employees who work in the interests of the customers. We have in mind exactly the same goal. That purpose is to make you not just happy, but sure that the acquisition is one of the most profitable one.

Those being said, we consider that you need nothing else to choose right now a Bobst machine. Have one already and you want to sell it? Talk to us, we might find a really profitable solution for each one of us.

1987 Manzoni Seriana 31

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Gandossi & Fossati 130/80 line

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1995 DMT BOPP extrusion line

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