Gutenberg, the inventor of the moveable printing press

The existence of printing printers is regarded today as normal as possible, but printing has proven its necessity over time. When we think about printing presses, the first thing that comes to mind is Johannes Gutenberg, a German printer and publisher who lived between 1398 and 1468.

He was born in the German city of Mainz and work at first as a merchant, but afterwards begins to work as a blacksmith and goldsmith. In his period, people copied books by hand or used wooden block to print them. The process was very difficult, because people had to carve separately each letter.

To facilitate printing Gutenberg used different technologies from various fields and his first model of a printing press was displayed in 1440 in Strasbourg. The most important key of Gutenberg’s printing press was the type of printing movable. The wooden characters were adjustable and now people could print in the same time 42 lines.

The time necessary to print a book was considerably reduced and the cost of creating books was lower. Certainly, the invention of Gutenberg played a major role in the spread of knowledge and now each people could get access to information. One of the most important books published by the inventor was the Gutenberg bible in 1455 and later his printing presses were used to produce a large number of bibles.

Along with the moveable printing press, Gutenberg created a unique oil based ink that was transferred from his metal type to printing substrate in a more efficient way. If he wanted to print a page, he had to arrange the necessary letter on the matrix and then coat them in his ink. Surely, this invention had a huge impact on Printing Revolution and influenced the access to knowledge.

Different personalities, such as politicians, scientists, or philosophers could now duplicate in a faster way their ideas, to share them with a large number of persons. Unfortunately, before printing press, valuable ideas were lost and rediscovered. The use of the press allowed ideas to be spread from generation to generation. Also, the press gives another meaning to the content that became an industry and appears the notion of intellectual property rights, plagiarism of copyright.

Also, determine the appearance of newspapers and periodicals that we now take for granted. People begin to read in their spare time and reading becomes a leisure activity. The writer could play their important role in the evolution of scholarly. Today people can buy new or used printing presses to start and develop their businesses in the area.

If you just want to print a personalized message on your t-shirt, some flyers, a book, or a poster, you will need a print. It is difficult to imagine how life could be before the invention of printing. We can only imagine that life was dull and devoid of beauty. By the simple existence of literature, our life is more beautiful and more interesting. The most important is that now we can have access to knowledge.