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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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I am sure that anyone involved in printing business heard about Heidelberg. The germans from Heidelberg Druckmachinen AG have made their name very well known around the world.

We all know that printing has been invented in Germany by Johannes Gutenberg. This was back in the XV-th century. Almost four centuries later, in 1856 the company that today is known as „Heidelberg” was founded in Frankenthal, and after another 50 years it moved in Heidelberg.

Not long time after that movement the company took the name of the city, name that today is synonymous with high quality printing machines. Of course we heard about the german strictness and quality, and Heidelberg machines are not an exception to this statement.

Since the company foundation, they were never satisfied with what they had at the moment. They always wanted more, but not for themselves, but for the printing process and for their clients. This is why today Heidelberg has a market share of 47% in printing industry and in financial year 2012-2013 the entire group sold around 2,7 billion euros.

But what makes Heidelberg company so special? First of all the quality. Then the versatility of their offer. Heidelberg is the only company in the world that coveres every area of printing and pressing, from prepress, going to press and finishing with post press. There is nothing that you may think about, speaking in printing terms, that you can not find among Heidelberg products. Commercial printing? They have it!

Packaging printing? Best offer! Special applications? They got it too! Postpress? Again, best offer on the market. Yet, they did not stopped only at producing equipments. Heidelberg offer includes consumables, technical service and staff training, business consulting, financial services and performance services. So no matter what you need in printing area you can benefit from Heidelberg experience.

One of the highest rated products is printing system Digimaster 9150i. BERTL (Digital Test Lab) recognized this system with five stars, for image quality, product design and build, print speed and finishing options.

Digimaster 9150i is a printing system that helps to improve the work flow and productivity. It is a modular system that is suitable for any kind of printing, from folded flyers to book publishing. So, every wish you might have, in printing terms, of course, Digimaster 9150i can fulfill it. Together with Saphira consumables, provided by Heidelberg company, this system will have the best results you can get on the printing market.

Buying this system is not the cheapest thing that you can do, but it will definitely worth every penny spent on it. It will take your business to another level and in a very short time the investment will be recovered. Overall, you will see in no time how your business becomes flourishing and your clients will be more than satisfied.

As we wrote earlier, Heidelberg’s offer does not include only this system. There are a lot more products to choose from, so we kindly invite you to do so as soon as possible. You don’t have to trust our word. Just check our offer and certainly you will see for yourself that we are right.

Heidelberg is one of the biggest printing devices producing companies. With a large history and the best quality products, this company made of itself a real brand, known and searched by all the customers who really want the best products on the market. Heidelberg mean to us more than a known brand by everyone.

For us it truly represent a guarantee of quality, an effort rewarded by the satisfied customers who are every day seeking at us the best products that we can provide.

2010 CTP Kodak (Creo) Trendsetter 800II

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2008 Screen Platerite PTR 4300 E

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2015 Screen Platerite FX 870 II E

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2010 Kodak Trendsetter 400 Quantum V

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