How to Find Good Second Hand Industrial Printers?

There are many cases in which you might realize that purchasing a used printer is a better choice than investing in a brand new one. The most important benefit is, as you might expect, the fact that you can significantly reduce your expenses. Of course, that does not mean that the first Heidelberg you find at an incredibly low price is your best option. You need to have patience and make sure that you are well-informed before beginning to search for second-hand printing machines.

One of the first things you have to do before you start looking for a used industrial press is what you should do before purchasing any other type of machine, used or new: make a thorough list including the reasons why you want to make the purchase, your needs and your expectations regarding the product.

Even if you know very well your business and you are quite certain about what you want, it might not be such a bad idea to actually write down the features of the ideal machine for you and your company. Since you might not find the perfect one, you should also prioritize your requirements, so that you won’t have a hard time deciding which one of the models that are close to your expectations is the best one.

The next step is to find several reliable distributors. The ideal case would be, indeed, to establish a long-term relationship with one second-hand retailer who can update you constantly with their latest available products and offers. However, keeping an eye on the websites of various distributors equals having a wider variety of used printing machines to choose from, thus raising your chances to find something very similar to if not exactly what you are looking for.

You might be surprised to come across quite a number of companies leading their business in this domain. You can choose your favorites according to three main aspects: transparency, location and fees.

A customer-oriented company that facilitates the selling and buying of second-hand industrial printing machines should provide all the relevant information regarding the products purchased through their website. Besides the fact that you should be able to access rapidly information regarding the model you are interested in – its features, its functionality, its maintenance and repair history etc. –, you also have the right to know and you should ask if you are not told who has previously owned the machine and why they are selling it.

Since industrial printers are normally part of the assets of a company, you don’t want to face legal issues if lien holders are involved, for instance. Moreover, the reason why the machine is sold tells you something about its state. As for fees and location, the logic is quite simple: depending on where they are located, it might take longer for the machine to be delivered and the transportation costs might be higher; and transparency should also apply to the fees charged by the intermediate or the distributor so that you can decide, having all the data, which option is most convenient for you.