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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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The industrial printing department had developed a lot in the past years. This is not a statement given us to fill up some blanks, but is a real affirmation especially being considered the intake of one of the best companies in the world in this area, meaning the ones from the KBA.

KBA means in fact the Koenig and Bauer Group, name well known by all the people who have a history in the printing domain. So, due to the fact that every known company and every good model of printing, pressing or cutting machine is present in our site, the germans from KBA could not loose their position in this top.

So, as an idea, the first KBA printing press machine appeared in 1814 in W├╝rzburg, and it was used for the “The Time” printing. Over the years the KBA machine become better and developed special segments, so that any client to be satisfied by their products.

For us any model is a special one. That may come as a surprise but in fact their types of machines value a lot due to their abilities. KBA is very well known in the world for the printing department which involves the digital printing. From here we can extract the Rota Jet 76 model, a really high speed digital printer, with a maximum web speed of 150 m/min, and a variable cut of length. This is an excellent high quality printer whit high flexibility and which can support both individual inline or offline configurations.

Besides this type of products, KBA machines are known in a lot of domains. Cutting, pressing, and measuring technology, they all are part of a big conglomerate named KBA. The newspaper presses, the commercial ones are well known all over the world. So there is not a doubt. Having a machine like this, or why not several ones, this means a real treasure for its owner.

Another special department by KBA company is the sheetfed offset presses one. A large series, known under the name Rapida, is one of the most known by all the customers. This models are different by their capacity regarding the format, which can go from normal to large or extra large. We can also find the best die cutters and also a number of consumables and other accessories.

A special interest for all the customers is the special devices area, which contains specials machine for which KBA is already known all over the world. In this category we can find the possibility of printing on special materials such as glass and other recipes, the flexible packaging printing, the decoration of the metal products, the banknote printing and the UV-Offset printers.

In our site you can find all kind of product of this miraculous company, who invested a lot and now has only to win based on this decision. We buy and ans sell as well this kind of products so that you can enjoy the experience of printing, cutting, pressing with all the equipments needed, but not ordinary ones but the best ones.

1987 Manzoni Seriana 31

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Gandossi & Fossati 130/80 line

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1995 DMT BOPP extrusion line

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