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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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Muller Martini machines- design is sexy

We decided to bring to our site only the big names regarding the digital area and not only. Doing that, we ensure our customers that the needed products can be found here, without too much effort, and without investing large amounts of money.

So, as we know, the digital market had brought with it a lot of innovation but, beside that, it also brought a lot of competition. For us, at this level of competition means a lot more than making money. It means that we are buying and selling only the right products, and by bringing them together we ensure our customer that they only have to win by purchasing the needed products directly from us.

That is why we also decided to include another big name in this industry in our pages, and also in our work. We are talking about the Muller Martini company, one of the most known on this market segment. Their history began in the year 1960, and until today the name gained itself a reputation that not lot of the profile companies can have.

Muller Martini is, as they are saying, the world leader on a particular segment of market. The web offset printing presses machines and the printing finishing systems are one of the best known on the market at this point.

The Muller Martini systems are more involved in satisfying the client necessities, establishing a very well balanced report price-quality. So they have dedicated themselves to fully automatics all the processes so that the user can not only enjoy the technology, but not to spend a lot of money just by doing that. You can look also at these true specialist as they are offering the best solutions when it comes to integrated systems and digital products.

The area in which they are finding the solutions for each customer in part include the printing presses area, the softcover production, the press delivery systems, the digital solutions, and also they are focused on developing a new generation of digital machines. Regarding the last category of products, they have already been presented to the people, and the word of order was sexy, referring to the new shape and design.

Also, for the pretentious materials on which today everyone want to make a model, they have a solution. The printing presses that they have, and also sell are one of the most secure printers from this point of view. Without a doubt you have to know for sure that you can print in total safety your products. Muller Martini knows that, and guess what, they can manage that.

Knowing all that we have gathered all this products sitting one to each other, in order to be placed to new owners. Maybe not everyone knows the difference between a Muller Martini and a usual machine for the digital market. For those people, we want to transmit an informational report so that they can choose having all the knowledge.

We also buy them due to the fact that this products are extremely good. Have one? At what price will you sell it? Want to buy one? We are also at your disposal. Contact us. We may become handy.

1987 Manzoni Seriana 31

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Gandossi & Fossati 130/80 line

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1995 DMT BOPP extrusion line

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