Package of three Krause LSJET 300 equipment

On sale a pre-press package with 3 x Krause LSJET 300, 3 x Haase processors 0E50, 3 xVideo Register Punching and Bending Nela VCP 2002, located in Europe.

Some technical characteristics of Krause LSJET 300 system are: Laseriode Violet has 405 nm,
laser power is 110 mW, can be done 220 plates each hour, the resolution that can be reached is at 1270 dpi.

In the Video Register Punching and Bending Nela VCP 2002 machines are included automatic sorting system with 36 storage compartments for plates, having plate quality management, PQM, and automatic plate quality testing.

In the package is included a plate trailer for blanking plates.