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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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What would be our little digital universe if between the lots of printing machines, or presses, or laminates, or collators, we wouldn’t have a company that have as an area of expertize the cutting equipment? Judging by that criteria, we present you an alive company even in our website pages, or better said we give you…the Polar cutting equipment.

There are a lot of cutting equipments specialized companies all over the world. Only a few though have managed to achieve their success by the quality of the products, and even fewer managed to stay on their position over the year had pass. Polar company is the one, the company who stayed on the market despite all the difficulties, and more than that today is being known as of the best profile companies on their department.

Comparing with the companies we mentioned so far, this is a company with a century of work. Their history began in 1906, and the time brought them only the best. They become quickly real specialist in what concerns the cutting process, and also they are specialized in the components needed by anyone, all over the world.

Besides the abilities well known of the equipment, the specialists of Polar have dedicated their work to make a product range much better, much faster. That is how, in the last year we could all see the appearance on the market of the high-speed Polar cutters the ones that made us all to want one for ourselves.

This though is not the only product that they have. Because we mentioned repeatedly of the die cutting, well in Polar range of products we can see that they have even that. And then we find even the compact high speed cutters, and the 3 side trimmer. Wow, that’s quite an evolution, isn’t it so?

Those products can be bought or sold with our help.We know all there is to know about this cutting equipments and we know also that they are part of the type of devices that don’t cost a lot, and they are doing even a great job. Now, for the ones that need to cut, meaning the printing offices, or the special institution of production, these might be an actual gold mine.

Finally, but not the least, we had the pleasure to see some of the newest equipments on the market from the Polar offer. We are talking about the programmable automated cutters that can cut stripes in an automatically way, without needing exterior help. The first models, the Polar Autotrim M, or the Autocut 25 and the Autocut 115 for the large production of cutting labels.

The labels are not the only paper products that can be cut. This machines are known for their steel blades that can cut trough almost everything. If you want to cut, Polar gives you the best method known so far. We are giving you the product. In this case, do not hesitate. Our offers for the Polar equipments are one of the bests.

2010 CTP Kodak (Creo) Trendsetter 800II

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2008 Screen Platerite PTR 4300 E

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2015 Screen Platerite FX 870 II E

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2010 Kodak Trendsetter 400 Quantum V

May 20, 2018 / 0 Comments
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