Printing, from the beginning until today

Many changes had occurred over the time in almost every domain, isn’t it so? We can all see that the technology took a big place in our lives, making almost everything possible. If five decades ago we used to have phones with wires, and not smart phones, today we can not leave our precious devices not even for a second from our hands.

The same happened even in the printing area, place where the technology has really done some miracles, starting from times when Johannes Gutenberg (as usual a german, referring ourself at the enormous capacity that this nation has to do good, quality products) invented the first printing machine. Well this was quite a discovery all right because after that, the products were becoming much and much better.

That is how today we are not surprise to found new products, more and more inventive, being part more of a SF movie and not from the real life. We have today the 3D printing, the printing of the shirts, the printing on wood, metal, and even porcelain. These are only a few of the examples, the market putting a lot more of them at our disposal. We can choose now from a lot of products, one better than the other, and each one of them updated to the requirements of today world.

It is clear that nothing stoped or will ever stop the evolving process. From a simple press used far in time for printing a few words, to the large series printers used today is a very long way. But they had evolved, and they changed, and they become what they are today. We have now real mammoth printers, able to print on entire paper rolls, which later will be cut in the desire shape or size.

That is how from the beginning and until today, the evolution is clear and we can mention it as follows:

After Gutenberg camed with the idea of inventing the first printing press, the ways of the printing activities had really enlarged. That is why, in the year of 1430 appeared the so called Intaglio process printing, well known until today, and still remaining the base of most types of printing.

This procedure was realised by pouring ink in pre cut forms, the excess of ink being removed with some textile sheets, and after that the paper was put on top of the matrix and rolls with a press.

Later on it become known the litographfy, a printing process that needs flat surfaces, using a hydrophobic chemical for the positive side of the paper, and water for the negative one. Today these procedure is very well known , and it is still used for postcards, newspapers or cover for books or catalogues.

The screen printing, a technique used for printing textile materials is common even today, to the satisfaction of the manufacturers of the products that need to be printed. Its beginning starts in the year 1907, and from then until now it suffered a lot of changes, beneficially ones, of course.

More closer to our days the laser printers had become quickly preferred by everyone involved in the printing area. For that we should thank the brilliant minds from IBM who realized the first good model of laser printer, from which today we can enjoy better models, more effective, and more productive.

Still, even today for more people some help is needed. For that, the websites and the platforms are putting at everyone disposal all the information needed so that anyone else can know how to choose the right product or the one that can satisfie their need. It is not an easy process, but is a long one and it requires a lot of searches.