Should We Buy Used Printing Machines?

Starting a small printing company can be easy if we know the basic things about printing, and the printing demands on the market, but it can also be hard if we overestimate the advantages of a type of printing, usually digital printing, as opposed to other types of printing, such as offset printing.

We always have to consider the pros and cons of buying offset printing machines as opposed to buying digital printing machines. The odds are that, if we’re going to start a small printing company, then we’re going to go digital. Most people do this because they know that the costs for every project will be the same, meaning that they’ll be able to estimate better what the earning as well as the expenses will be. However, the downside to digital printing, even though it allows us to use variable data, print small batches of paper, and start printing very fast, the downside is that the overall quality of the print is mediocre. Other cons of digital printing are the fact that we can’t use PMS colors, and we have a limited paper size.

The main cons of offset printing machines is that it’s usually more costly and time consuming. For anyone that knows how the offset printing process takes place it’s obvious that the turnaround time isn’t as good as in the case of digital printing machines. The most time consuming process is probably that of creating the films, which will be used for printing. However, the general setup of the machine takes quite a bit of time, especially when compared to digital printing machines that require almost no setup.

However, we shouldn’t underestimate the printing power of the offset printing presses. While the cost per page might be bigger when we’re undertaking small printing projects, when it comes to printing more copies of the same thing, as it is in the case of printing books or magazines and newspapers, the cost per page drops dramatically.

We might think that it can be quite difficult to run a shop that specializes in both digital and offset printing. The truth is that there is no easy way to achieve success. It involves making a lot of sacrifices and being able to take on risks. However, what differentiates a successful businessman from a mediocre one is that all the risks are carefully taken into consideration. We can’t plunge in head first without at least considering what losses we might suffer in case something goes wrong.

Overall, choosing to buy used printing machines is the way to go, but only if we have a good idea of what we’re buying and what we’re going to do with it. We can easily buy very good and reliable used printing machines for as little as 70% of the cost of a brand new printing machine. If we’re just starting out, this kind of a move can give us more leverage, being able to use the money that we’ve saved on that purchase in order to buy various equipment that we’ll need in order to widen our company’s range of services.