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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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A finished products is the one who passed to all the steps until becoming what he is at this point. If we are talking about a book, or about a magazine, or about any paper object, they can not be left as they are, after the printing, pressing or cutting process. So they have to kook good, isn’t it?

So, if we have talked about all the steps needed in the production process, we certainly could not put aside the folding segment, which has without a doubt his own importance. In this area the one from Stahl are very well known, and they begun to be even more searched once the technology started to develop. These specialist had developed smart system of folding, so that the finished products to be kept in an order, and not to be deteriorated somehow.

In our shop we have a lot of folding machine from the Stahl company. A lot of people are willing to sell them, in order to buy some other used printing equipments, and others look for these machine in order to buy them, use the or re- sell them at their turn.

However yet, it is very important to know that Stahl machines are used for quite a while by anyone who needs a really good folding equipment. The prices for this kind of equipments are very high in general, especially if you want them as they are from the factory, meaning new ones. From this point of view, being a market whit just a few players on it, Stahl remains one of the best producers in the world. So ask anywhere for a folding equipment, and they all will tell you that Stahl are the most known in this industry.

We have been really amazed by the speed that this product have. From the early models until today, these product had change a lot. Today, these Stahl machines have digital display and flat pile feeder. Even if they are new or not, these equipment are selling for quite large amounts of money, and that is why buying them from an online store in which all these kind of products can be found it is the best decision. If they are second hand, well it is even better considering the price, don’t you think?

On our platform you can also find these equipments. We convinced ourselves that they are really important and that they do not need any publicity more that the one that the brand already has. For us , more important that anything is to have satisfied customers. For us more that obtaining the profit, it is also important to know that the people who are choosing our products are being truly satisfied by them and by our prestation.

Including these products such as the Stahl folders and not just that in our product range increases our value and our trust level, and that is what we want to transmit to anyone who finds us on the Internet. We are more than just a company who is buying and selling printing equipments. We are true specialist in these printing area, specialists who can help you along the hard way of choosing the right product for your business.

2010 CTP Kodak (Creo) Trendsetter 800II

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2008 Screen Platerite PTR 4300 E

November 22, 2018 / 0 Comments

2015 Screen Platerite FX 870 II E

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2010 Kodak Trendsetter 400 Quantum V

May 20, 2018 / 0 Comments
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