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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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A really new and very useful technology on the printer devices market was the appearance of what we all know today as the used die-cutting machines. But, before saying anything else, it is very important for all of us to understand exactly the procedure, so that we can not make any mistakes when choosing the right product.

So, the die cutting process consist in manufacturing similar shapes of one material, shapes that later can be painted, or can be used as they are. For that there are being used some special blades, that can make more easier the cutting process. This blades are in a such way made that they are bent to cut in the desired shape. This means that this kind of cutting makes in fact some molds, that can be used in different segments of activity.

The important thing to know is the fact that this kind of equipments have the ability to make those models in quite large series, and they are also pretty economical, due to the fact that the materials can be placed so that the excess in reduced to a minimum.

This kind of die cutting may cut trough a lot of products. Materials such as paper, rubber, wood and sometimes (depending on the product and the manufacturer) even metal can be cut easily, and in a large number. In this way you can create a variety of models to be used in what area comes in your mind. Of course, the performances depend on the type of die cutting machine, the new one having a lot more characteristics than the old ones.

Even so, when searching for this kind of products, you should have in mind some criteria such as: the capability of the die-cutting machine, the features, the materials on which you can work, as well as the material from which the machine is done, and the last, but not at all unimportant are the services of support and help center. From here you will be able to find models with high pressure cutting, that cuts through a lot of materials, and you will be able to see the performances of the device before its acquisition.

The used machines though are the most searched ones due to the fact that the new ones costs a lot of money. The industry developed really quickly and by that even the prices became larger. Because of that, everyone comes to us in search of some used die-cutting machines, and the fact is that they have also success in that area, because we have all the models needed. We developed an entire product market of this kind, we buy and we sell these products and by that our costumers know that at us they will find everything.

We have specialized in time to recognize the best products from the series merchandise. So, if you want to own some of the most effective equipments, you can trust us for all those good things. People from all over the world are looking for our products, so we are offering the quality and the respect that they deserve.

1994 Wohlenberg Master perfect binder

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2001 Muller Martini Prima Amrys

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2003 Muller Martini PRESTO

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1999 Muller Martini saddle sticher 1509

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