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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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One of the newest ways to print, preferred by a lot of customers is the so called flexo press printing. The machines that can realize this kind of printing are using in fact the common relief plates with the only difference that they are flexible. If the term is still not familiar to you, then we may tell you that it is an abbreviation from the longest name Flexography.

The advantages of the flexo presses are multiple. You can print on almost any kind of substrate, so things are much simpler that the printing process of the early days of flexography. This product can reduce the expenses, and the money invested car quickly be recovered. These machines are doing almost everything in an idiomatically way, so that you can not spend your time and money for supplies. Even more, by buying some used flexo presses, the general expenses do not seem to be as large as they appear at the beginning, when you decided to buy seem new ones.

Beside that, using a pattern, you can print many copies, without having a problem with the replacement of the model. But, you have to consider, as we explain in our site pages, that flexography works due to a cylinder who has at the bottom a recipe that must be refiled whit ink, at a certain number of copies.

What we like about these presses is that they can be used even in the hardest conditions. The only important thing to be mentioned is to take care on the substrate that you print on. This must not bean absorbent one, or a porous one. It is for real a really great deal to have in your workshop such a machine but you must understand that it has a limitation from this point of view. Also, the ink being used is quickly drying one, so because of that many of us recognize it as being a fast process.

Due to the high printing speed, there can be done a lot of copies in a very short while, that increasing a lot the productivity. In what concerns the ink department, well this is a particular discussion, because this may be the only type of printing that prints best images with metallic and fluorescent inks. The final product can be then the subject of a slight processing, meaning a laminating process, or the application of other different layers (stickers, holograms etc)

Now we have a particular weakness to this printing process. That is why we encourage the people to buy used flexo presses, knowing that this is a special way to get printed images at a quite good quality. We don not have to mention again that the prices are more than affordable. With us every thing is simple and cheap, and the deal is mostly in your favour. Want to make your own clothes for your products? With some used flexo presses you can do more than that. The flexo presses gave you what other can not. Flexibility.

1994 Wohlenberg Master perfect binder

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2001 Muller Martini Prima Amrys

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2003 Muller Martini PRESTO

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1999 Muller Martini saddle sticher 1509

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