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1992 Nilpeter F 2400

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2007 Presstek 52 DI

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Everything in life is a deal, and it depends on you for how many dollars you are willing to sell or to buy some of the products you need. If in some areas it is not for the best to buy or to sell used products, in our business this kind of bargain is one with the highest wining rate on the market.

Of course, we are not selling used clothes, and the chances for us to help and to be helped are considerably increasing. Because we are talking about equipments who are long lasting, there is no case to be scared of the possibility of malfunction or of a damage degree as in other product case.

Buying and selling used printing equipment requires a lot of effort and many knowledge. It is not an easy thing to do, especially considering the fact that a lot of products are not quite known or searched by the clients who need this kind of products. But, for those products who already have a name on the market, the things could not be any easier.

It is very important to have with you all the important opinions when you decide to sell or to buy some of these equipments. It is very important to know who is their manufacturer . In some areas in the world they actually make auctions for this kind of products, but you can not have the safety of buying exactly what you need. This actually is an entertaining domain, because there are a lot of players in the field and because the stakes are quite high.

The equipments are not quite the cheapest and not anyone can afford to buy them. In this case, from used presses, used printing machines, all the way to the any other used equipment, we bring them all together so that all our customers have the guarantee of the best products on the market. Muller Martini, Roland , Polar or Heidelberg, this are the names that populates our site, names that for the real players in this market really mean something.

Even if they are used, we don’t have a problem whit that because these products have a long lifetime and they do not need repairs for quite long periods of time. In this case, you must not think that the products bought represent a second hand purchase, but a very good deal, one from which you can run with a lot of advantages.

A new printing machine or a new press costs a lot of money. Its transport may cost as well. Its maintenance can ruin you if you pick the wrong product.

For that, an used printing equipment can save your investment, and can save your mental health as well. Even if you buy or sell, the finality is always the same. You need quality, as much as you need the money. A good entrepreneur knows that and looks out for the best offers on the market, offers that you currently find on our site.

1987 Manzoni Seriana 31

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Gandossi & Fossati 130/80 line

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1995 DMT BOPP extrusion line

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