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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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When printing a piece of paper, there are not a lot of people who can see the difference between a really good printer or ink, and a bad one. Yet there are differences, and if you want to make them visible in your business case, what you need to know about printing is in the following page.

Have you ever wondered how an image appears from the screen onto the paper? What are the processes to do that? What are the costs? And, most important what tools do we need to make the same job, but for large quantities of publication?

Exactly the same questions were in our minds when we started this company. Later on we become more interested, and today we decided to buy and sell all kind of printing machine, so that the others can find out about the importance of this equipment. And its importance is a big one, especially having in consideration that today not just the newspaper is printed, but everything else is around us, for us to be able to look at it and enjoy it.

We do subscribe to the used area, because this can reduce a lot the acquisition cost, fact that every company want to achieve. In this case, on our site you will find all the products needed, but without spending a lot of money, like in the special case of buying new ones.

That is why in our shop names like Polar, Muller Martini, Ryobi, Mitsubishi or Horizon had gathered in order to serve your best printing interests. A lot of those have a long history and an experience that no other may have. They had produced the best printing machines, that are surviving until today, and which are being sold at very good prices. The most important fact is that they have a usage life bigger than the other products.

We encountered over the years many printing machine. We sold a lot of them, and we also bought on our turn. But a single feature remained the same. This products are highly competitive despite the passing of the years, and even so, they can print as they are being new ones. The answer for that issue is that being large scale products, they must serve to some purposes.

They have to be resistant on almost any substances especially solvents. They have to be economically and environment friendly. And guess what? They really manage to do that, and even better, because they are also saving power, energy, and a lot of money with the employees. You will not need ten people to make a singe job. One operator in enough to make the business work, one that has to perfectly know everything about his machine.

Knowing all that we like to introduce you in our universe. A printing universe that contains all the equipment needed, and also the spare parts and all the accessories. We have a lot to offer, bots in which concerns the products and the information.

We want to make you a part of our knowledge. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

1994 Wohlenberg Master perfect binder

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2001 Muller Martini Prima Amrys

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2003 Muller Martini PRESTO

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1999 Muller Martini saddle sticher 1509

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