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1992 Nilpeter F 2400

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2007 Presstek 52 DI

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Believe or not, the printing presses remained in the history to be used for many years, and to be a part of a developed system of new products available until today. A printing press is an equipment used in the printing process, and that is more familiar to the ones who tryed at least once to print some t-shirts or other type of textile materials with their favorite text or image.

We are selling and buying these equipments, responding in this way to the majority of the question putted by our customers. We have been and we still are very committed to the buy and sell phenomenon, and we try to give our clients the best products on the market. Because we are talking about used printing presses it is very important for as to know which is the condition in which they are, why are they being sold, and if can we make the price more affordable for us or for our customers?

For some people is not easy to take the step forward from the single use individualy printing machine to an industrial one. Sometimes is even better not to buy a new one because you can not know if it will became or not useful. Here is where we step in. Our products, used and re- selled are more cheaper and can save you from an unwanted investment with which you can not be comfortable with.

When purchasing an used printing press you have to consider of course the price, among other things. The productivity is a criteria that you must keep in mind because such an equipment may determine a lot of changes that you were used to until now. The passing from a printing and pressing product to another may become hard to exceed, especially if you don’t have all the information regarding those products.

Because they are fully automatized, this products can rapidly increase the number of printing products. The fluency is very high, and you probably will be more than surprise to see how a machine can do the job instead of you. Tough, it is very important to have near you a specialized team who can have the knowledge in this area.

You may wonder why we say that. Well, if until now you have been used a little individual press and you become used to the problems encountered during usage, well in case of the used printing presses the things are not the same. You have to know all about its components, or to ask someone who has those information.

Now, for that we had gathered here all the printing devices producers name. Heidelberg, Roland, Komori, Polar or MBO, these are major produces that had dedicated they work to developing the printing domain. As they do, we put also our experience at your disposal so that you can enyou the benefits of the best products on the market.

From the most searched and sold products we can enumerate the following: Ryoby 3304 HA, KBA 72 K, Polar 66 (we have talked already about these extraordinary products), Heidelbers MOZ-S, and this are just a few of the star products in our site.

2001 Muller Martini Prima Amrys

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2003 Muller Martini PRESTO

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1999 Muller Martini saddle sticher 1509

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2011 Pitney Bowes DI 4100

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