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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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2012 Roland 705 3B LV HiPrint

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2007 Roland 706 TLV HiPrint

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Well this is a market segment that everybody enjoys due to the fact that it is as much interesting as it is a high point of technology. Rotogravure is a printing process that involves the engraving of the desired image using a cylinder and a big roll of paper. The process is still used today in large for printing cards, or catalogues or postcards and it is more familiar to some of the people under the transfer image process.

The secret in fact consist in the cylinder used for printing the image. On the surface of this cylinder are some cells created by the engraving process, cells that are filled with ink. When engraving, the surface of the cylinder is pressed and the ink takes contact with the paper. In order to resist in time, the cylinders are steel manufactured, and after that they are covered with a protection layer resistant to all the substances with whom is getting in contact.

The rotogravure process is mainly used in printing the commercial flexible covering for the products. Because it has a pretty big flash point, due to the solvents used, it has to be worked very carefully. For cleaning the surfaces in contact with this solvent, there are needed some special treatments who require a lot of attention both in which concern the safety of the people, but also the environment safety.

Now we all know how the final product will appear. The important advantage of this printing method consist in its flexibility. The resulted image is clear, and the surface on which the ink is applied remains colored but smooth and resistant in time. Many of the commercial producers are attracted by this process, being one of the most known one, especially in the alimentary industry, in paper industry and so on.

Another advantage is that the rotogravure process reduces the production costs, even if it has the ink tanks that must be filled at a pre-established number of printings. So if you have a business in the printing domain, even if that means one of the two important ramifications (flexible packaging and the media publication area) you will have only to gain by using a rotogravure printing machine.

So, finally we are glad to present you our product range of use rotogravure printing equipments, and we also are interested in finding new ones, maybe even some of them that we didn’t heard about yet. Being so important for a large area of industries, we consider the advantages of buying an used one, and not looking for a new one at prices that you can’t even get close to.

Even if they are already use, they have the quality guarantee that remains in time. And, because it is a big investment, we challenge you to find the most affordable one, and the most important one for your business. On our market you will find these equipments, and not just that, and you also will find the professionalism and the respect that we are showing to our customers for many years now.

1987 Manzoni Seriana 31

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Gandossi & Fossati 130/80 line

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1995 DMT BOPP extrusion line

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