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1983 Man Roland 805-L

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2002 Man Roland 308P

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2009 Ryobi 784 E

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2008 Man Roland 706 Direct Drive

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In our industry it is for the best to always maintain a dynamic system, to always perform a quick check of the market so that you can know exactly what is in your own interests. The products are still varied and on the market there is a lot of competition from which you must extract the best products to offer to your customers.

We included in our offer the used web presses, this products being really searched on the market, and not only by the profile users. So, some of our clients told us that until we came with this idea, the market was really pour, and they were looking to buy or to sell this products, without having success though.

What is a web press? Though it may seem that this may refer to the Internet, well it is not quite like this. It has more to do in fact with the offset printing, meaning that for this kind of printing we will need a lot of space and also a lot of paper. For that there are being use some high quality rolls of paper, really big ones, more appropriate to the industrial printing.

This is a special kind of press, because in case of a press that needs to be feed with sheets of paper individually, in this case the rolls make all the job.The paper is rolled in a continuous way, and by far this process is one of the cheaper and effective one. In this way you can reduce the time in which the machine enters in stand by mode, and its economicity consist in the fact that after the printing process, the paper will be cut in the desired shapes and formats.

This applies especially in the industrial area printing, when we are talking about making catalogues, or magazines,or other publications on large scale. In the book industry these type of presses are very well known due to the fact that they can print on almost every type of paper, and by that you can really reduce the production costs and the maintenance costs as well.

In the web presses area, there are now a lot of producers, and the products are advantageous because they can do the job that a regular printer press can not do it. The paper used in this case is similar to the one used for the newspapers or magazines, and it can be printed on both sides. This are high speed products that use multiple colours.

In which concerns the printing devices these are one of the best products for the industrial area. For large quantities of paper, and used for printing a large number of magazines, this could be the perfect accessory for a pretty nice workshop.

So, in conclusion, new or old ones, these web presses can really help you when you have to do big a printing job. Clearly this kind of equipment can not be found on every corner of the street, but it can be found in our shop. We are glad to buy and to offer these products so that you can ease up your work and effort, and the expanses as well.

2010 CTP Kodak (Creo) Trendsetter 800II

May 7, 2019 / 0 Comments

2008 Screen Platerite PTR 4300 E

November 22, 2018 / 0 Comments

2015 Screen Platerite FX 870 II E

September 7, 2018 / 0 Comments

2010 Kodak Trendsetter 400 Quantum V

May 20, 2018 / 0 Comments
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