What impact has the invention of the printing press on the literature?

Renascence it is known as a period of rebirth in various areas and with the inventions of printing press, everything was possible. It is important to know that before the printing press easy invented, only the rich people can afford to buy a book. In 1445, the lives of people from Europe and even all over the world were to change, because this is the year when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing.

Before this invention was created, people had to copy books by hand, which was more difficult, it was necessary more time, and it was more affordable. Every book that was created in that time was very expensive, but with Gutenberg’s press, everything was going to change. Books could be produced more quickly and with less work, which was great. Therefore, books became less expensive and even the middle class people could afford one.

The impact the invention of printing press has on literature is certainly huge. If in the Middle Ages only the clergy afford to read and own books, in the Renaissance the middle classes could enjoy books in their own languages. Readers were interested in travel books, almanacs, chivalry romances, and poetry and all these were published.

In the same time it was invented a means of printing music and therefore music become accessible at a low cost. Literature started to become accessible, and a growing number of people have access to knowledge. Thus, people become better prepared in terms of intellectual and the right to study is given to those who were not part of high society.

Books printing influenced the return to ancient writers and the teaching of the church that was a priority in the Middle Ages, become less important for the scholars. The number of books available around 1500s was at least 500.000. If until then, the Bible was written only in Latin, but with the printing press and Martin Luther has made possible the creation of the Bible in other languages.

Literature in this context has gained the importance deserved. Today we can enjoy some of the most beautiful masterpieces of world literature. In addition, printing has become a profitable business idea for many people. The cost to open such a business is not very high, especially as today can be purchased used printing machines. With a used printer, you can increase your productivity and obtain a high quality that will definitely satisfy your clients.

From 1400 until present day, the literature offered us great creations, accessible for a large audience. In addition, the Renascence allowed a rebirth of the ancient literature. It was the genius and devotion of great personalities, such as Johannes Gutenberg, that made everything possible today. Therefore, we can consider ourselves being privileged, because you live in an era where each person has access to knowledge.

It is a waste not to take advantage of this opportunity to improve our knowledge and to become every day better at what we do.