What to expect from Mitsubishi sheet-fed machines?

Sheet-fed offset presses represent the peak of a technology developed during more than a century along with recent successes achieved in mechatronics. Built to meet the standards for printing on cardboard and commercial printing worldwide, Mitsubishi offers a wide range of printing machines of various sizes and shapes, ranging from the large (1440x1040mm) to the smaller (380x273mm), all available in configurations of up to eight units.

Each of these presses can be used easily by operators, having many devices that reduce preparation time or devices to increase speed, in order to complete your work faster. In addition to these devices, the most important thing is the top level of quality that each sheet-fed offset Mitsubishi press brings up.

Mitsubishi Corporation along other important leaders in the printing industry have a larger share of the global printing machinery market, with a strong competitive power. These multinationals have a monopoly on the market of high-end printing machines and equipment.

In offset printing three cylinders are used to transfer the image onto the printing surface, paper and cardboard. A unique feature of offset printing is that the image and non-image areas are flush white surface. For printing, the chemical method based on the principle that oil and water do not mix in printing on one level surface.

When having in mind fast project turnarounds, best quality and attractive returns on your printing jobs, Mitsubishi printing machines continues to push sheet fed offset technology to the edge of sophistication. Thus, these devices set the standard for versatility regarding products: newspapers, labels, cartons, catalogs etc.

Mitsubishi’s solutions are capable of delivering faithful colors and accurate images even at high speeds. Comitted to product advancement and with the help of cutting-edge technologies their sheet-fed press lineup will surely ensure un-matching productivity. Although, in order to become a trusted brand in your area you need to keep up with the innovations and invest in new technologies, Mitsubishi’s used machines can help carry out your tasks just as well.

Pre-owned machinery has first of all, the advantage of money saving, yet a used Mitsubishi printing machine will not alter quality. If you choose any model available for the sheet-fed are, be sure that the service is nothing but professional and competitive.

Your press room will look great having a Mitsubishi sheet-fed ready to solve the most intricate projects and challenges you might come across. Having a great tradition in sheet fed printing, you can choose many models of used Mitsubishi printing presses. The best results in sheet fed printing you will probably get if you are able to get your hands on any of the Diamond or Daiya.

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